Various methods of fresh Cold Chain Logistics

Fresh products are the main source of food for people’s lives, and they are in demand almost every day. However, due to the short shelf life and perishability of fresh food, the requirements for fresh food transportation are very high. The supply of dairy products, vegetables, meat products, poultry and eggs, fresh and fresh melons and fruits, quick-frozen foods, flowers, etc. all require cold chain guarantees.

With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for fresh food delivery, cold chain logistics has emerged as the times require, providing great convenience for fresh food storage and delivery. Cold chain logistics refers to the transportation that keeps the goods at a certain temperature throughout the whole process of transportation, whether it is loading and unloading, changing transportation methods, changing packaging equipment, etc. A break in any link of the cold chain will affect the quality of the product, thereby affecting people’s quality of life and health.

So what are the methods of cold chain logistics?

  1. Road cold chain transportation

Road cold chain transportation is one of our most commonly used transportation methods, and road cold chain transportation is mainly used for the collection and distribution of short-distance goods.


  1. Integrated whole-process service: road cold chain transportation can realize “door-to-door” one-stop service, eliminating many intermediate links. This can not only improve efficiency, but also ensure the safety of the goods;
  2. Wider network coverage: Compared with railways and aviation, road network coverage is larger, providing considerable conditions for “door-to-door” services;
  3. Strong flexibility: Road cold chain transportation is highly controllable and less affected by uncontrollable factors such as weather and administration;
  4. Lower price: The price of road cold chain transportation is significantly lower than that of aviation cold chain transportation, and the investment is less, the return is quicker, and the technical threshold is relatively low.

However, road cold chain transportation also has certain safety and timeliness issues.

  1. Railway cold chain transportation

Railway cold chain transportation mainly uses trains as the main means of transportation, and transports items that need to be refrigerated by means of railways and refrigerated containers.


  1. Strong accuracy and continuity, hardly affected by climate;
  2. The transportation speed is relatively fast and the transportation volume is relatively large;
  3. The transportation cost is low, the transportation is safe and reliable, and the risk is lower than that of sea transportation.

However, the initial investment of railway cold chain transportation is large, the construction period is long, and the mobility is poor.

C, waterway cold chain transportation

Waterway cold chain transportation uses ships as vehicles to transport goods through rivers, seas, and lakes.


  1. The transportation volume is large, suitable for the transportation of bulk goods;
  2. High passing ability and good accessibility;
  3. Low freight and strong adaptability to goods.

However, waterway cold chain transportation is slow and risky.

  1. Aviation cold chain transportation

Aviation cold chain transportation uses airplanes or other aircraft as a form of transportation.


  1. The delivery speed is fast;
  2. Safe and accurate;
  3. The procedure is simple.

However, air cold chain transportation has a small volume and high freight rates, so it is more suitable for valuable items or urgently needed medicines.

The main cold chain logistics transportation methods are the above four.

In some remote rural areas, due to the imperfect cold chain transportation and construction, there are hidden dangers in food safety issues.

The transportation of agricultural products is time-sensitive, has a short shelf life, and is easy to deteriorate and rot. Compared with the perfect cold chain transportation system in the city, the rural infrastructure in terms of cold storage and cold chain distribution is not perfect, and there is a lack of cold storage equipment and refrigerated truck distribution, which leads to the ineffective development of cold chain transportation, and finally leads to the inability of effective transportation of agricultural products and preservation.

To further improve rural cold chain transportation conditions, it is necessary to promote the urban-rural integration of cold chain transportation, expand the cold chain logistics service functions of transportation service stations, strengthen the promotion of rural logistics services in the field of cold chain, and resolve the “first mile” and the “last mile” conundrum of rural cold chain transportation.

The birth of the J-BOX FRESH series of cold boxes is to solve the problem of food storage in the cold chain transportation of fresh food.

The foldable soft box is compact and portable, with a sturdy and durable structure, suitable for road, rail and air transportation, especially in food delivery and delivery.

The large folding storage box is suitable for the above four modes of transportation. The large-capacity design can be used in various scenarios such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. The thermal insulation storage box has excellent temperature management. When transporting frozen food, even the transportation vehicle If there is a problem, it can also maintain a proper temperature through its own ice row.

Folding container, one-piece transparent design, you can see the goods inside, which is convenient for product identification and distribution during transportation. The sturdy structure is suitable for various methods of transportation, and it will last for a long time. Foldable design, can save space.

At the same time, we are equipped with cooling agents from -25℃, -15℃, 0℃, and 5℃, which can be applied to cold chain transportation of various foods such as frozen bread embryos, ice cream, fresh meat, fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc. .

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