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Environmental problems such as the ravages of the new coronavirus and the increasingly serious global warming have seriously affected human daily life. Looking at the world, many places do not have complete cold chain facilities, so vaccines cannot be vaccinated. As a Japanese cold chain brand, J-BOX aims at the United Nations SDGs and contributes to human society with cold chain products.


Cold Box For Medical

As a cold chain material brand from Japan, we have developed the 「J-BOX BIO MISSION」 Series, focusing on the delivery of the new coronavirus vaccine in Japan. 「J-BOX BIO MISSION」 Series Cooler boxes are used in more than 160 local governments and medical institutions in Japan.

Cold Box For Food

Freshly caught fish from the fish market, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables from the farm, and maintaining their freshness before delivering them to people\'s tables, a cold chain is essential. However, many people in the world still eat fresh foods. The 「J-BOX FRESH」 series solves that problem.

J-BOX Ice Block

J-BOX Ice Block uses high-performance and eco-friendly materials, so it has a low impact on the environment, and its strong exterior can withstand hundreds of uses, contributing to a sustainable society. increase. The cooling performance is also very effective compared to other companies, so it is also suitable for long-term transportation.


Cold chain products from Japan, J-BOX Cold Chain Products support the last mile of vaccine transportation in Japan.

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