Vaccine Cold Chain——a hot word

From vaccine production to vaccination, vaccine cold chain logistics contains huge business opportunities.

Statistics show that with the successful development of the new crown vaccine, the new increase in the cold chain logistics market is more than 7.2 times, and the market space behind it is tens of billions. More and more companies are participating in this huge business opportunity. Vaccine cold chain has also become a hot word this year.

Medicinal products as special products. Its safety and quality are related to everyone’s health. The safety of medicines and medicines lies not only in the strict control of the production process, but also in the cold chain logistics of medicines. Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics refers to the refrigerated pharmaceutical transportation system engineering for the purpose of disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, ensuring that pharmaceutical products are always in a specific position in all links of the entire chain, such as ex-factory, storage, transportation, distribution, and sales. Within the temperature range, it escorts pharmaceutical products and ensures their quality and safety.

There are six main regulations on the cold chain of pharmaceuticals:

  1. During the drug receiving and acceptance link of logistics warehousing, key inspection records should be carried out on the quality conditions such as transportation methods, transportation facilities, temperature conditions, and transportation time
  2. The storage and maintenance of drugs in the warehouse should be stored under the specified temperature and humidity conditions
  3. In the transportation and distribution links of pharmaceutical logistics distribution, when cold storage boxes are used to transport refrigerated medicines, the storage conditions, departure time, heat preservation time limit, special precautions or transportation warnings should be indicated on the cold storage boxes
  4. Requirements for transport vehicles. When refrigerated vehicles are used to transport refrigerated medicines, the refrigerated vehicles should meet the standard requirements, have automatic temperature monitoring and recording functions, and use remote monitoring technology to implement real-time temperature detection and data upload.
  5. On the drug circulation information, it is required to configure the whole process of temperature monitoring and information tracking
  6. In terms of risk control, there are emergency plans for drug anticorrosion, waterproofing, antifreeze, cold storage power failure, and cold chain transportation.

The importance of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics construction:

  1. A necessary means to ensure the effectiveness and safety of drugs
  2. Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics has become a circulation hotspot in the industry
  3. The variety of global biological products is gradually increasing
  4. Cold chain conditions and qualifications become core competitiveness
  5. There have been great breakthroughs in modern cold chain equipment technology, which will promote the entire industry in terms of informatization and intelligence
  6. The introduction of the new version of the regulations promotes the guarantee of the whole process and the whole chain.

Vaccine cold chain

Vaccines, as special medicines, are related to everyone’s health, and the cold chain is a unique means to ensure the quality and safety of vaccines.

Logistics Definition for Vaccine transportation

Vaccine transportation usually refers to the cold chain logistics of medical vaccines, which means that the production, storage, transportation, and distribution of medical vaccines are always kept in the low-temperature environment required by medical vaccines in all aspects of the production, storage, transportation, and distribution of pharmaceutical vaccines until injection, so as to prevent medical vaccines due to temperature changes It is a special cold chain logistics system project that fails or even deteriorates to ensure the quality and efficacy of the vaccine.

Vaccine logistics is capable to

  1. Real-time tracking of location and temperature
  2. High-performance packaging
  3. Multiple temperature control
  4. Multiple modes of transportation

Basic aspects of vaccine operation

Dispatch, Transportation g, Receiving

Vaccine Transportation Packaging Types and Requirements

The carrier of pharmaceutical logistics is the packaging container, which requires temperature control

  1. Portable cold box (suitable for storing dry ice or ice block, carried by hand, etc., and directly transferred)
  2. Transport packing box (refrigerated box, using electricity to maintain temperature)
  3. Refrigerated trucks and aviation aircraft

Basic requirements and operating procedures for vaccine packaging

  1. Packaging material: According to the temperature requirements of the vaccine, freeze or refrigerate
  2. Ice block: the room temperature should be consistent with the storage temperature
  3. Temperature recorder: do pre-cooling in advance
  4. Stretch film/paper skin/bubble film/cardboard box
  5. Instructions for unpacking the cold box

Precautions for using ice blocks

  1. The ice block is seriously deformed and cannot be packed
  2. If there is leakage of the ice block, it is not allowed to be packed
  3. There are obvious stains and grease stains on the surface of the ice block, so it is not allowed to be packed

Vaccine transport temperature requirements

2-8℃, -20℃, -70℃, etc.

Difficulties, Challenges and Trends of Vaccine Cold Chain Transportation

Vaccine cold chain transportation is known as the top of the cold chain industry pyramid. It is different from the general fresh cold chain. It requires the whole process of cold chain, storage, and transportation. The temperature in the whole process must be constant in a specific temperature range, and it needs to be regularly detected and recorded. , Only from the perspective of logistics, the vaccine cold chain has very strict requirements for hardware, software, full controllability, and relevant certification.


  1. High complexity and prone to exceptions
  2. Equipment and facilities are expensive and costly
  3. The standardization process faces obstacles


Refinement, standardization, intelligence, systematization

Portable cold boxes for vaccine cold chain logistics, you can choose J-BOX BIO MISSION (suitable for 2-8 ℃, -20 ℃ transportation), J-BOX BIO NEXT (suitable for various temperature requirements), which is convenient for vehicle transportation and manual transportation of vaccines. Rely on electricity and can deal with sudden power outages.

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