Three key points of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics

As we all know, as special items, the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products are related to everyone’s health and directly affect people’s livelihood and social stability. The safety of pharmaceuticals lies not only in the production process, but also in the strict control of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.

Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics refers to the refrigerated pharmaceutical transportation system engineering for the purpose of national disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc., to ensure that pharmaceutical products are delivered from the factory, stored, transported, distributed, sold to all links in the entire chain of consumers It is always within a specific temperature range, escorting pharmaceutical products and ensuring their quality and safety.

To ensure the “uninterrupted chain” of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, it is necessary to ensure the information sharing and full temperature control of pharmaceutical circulation, so as to realize the visualization and traceability of the whole process. Among them, refrigerated trucks, cold storage boxes and temperature and humidity recorders are the three main points that cannot be ignored in the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics link.

  1. Medical refrigerated truck

A refrigerated truck refers to a vehicle with an insulated compartment and a refrigeration device. Among them, the structure of medical refrigerated vehicles is basically the same as that of ordinary refrigerated vehicles such as food and dairy products. They are all composed of special vehicle chassis running parts, heat insulation compartments, refrigeration units, and temperature monitors in the compartments. They have automatic temperature control, display , storage, read temperature monitoring data, refrigeration system failure remote and local real-time alarm and other functions.

Refrigerated trucks are the most important means of transportation in the pharmaceutical cold chain transportation link, and the number has increased significantly in the past two years. On the one hand, the frequent occurrence of medical safety incidents has led to stricter policy supervision, increasing national attention to the safety of pharmaceutical products, and increasing requirements for the quality of pharmaceutical products by end customers, thereby increasing the number of refrigerated trucks with temperature control functions; on the other hand, Among the newly added pharmaceutical products in my country, the number of products with high temperature requirements is also increasing, which in turn leads to a gradual increase in the number of refrigerated vehicles.

With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the continuous strengthening of supervision in the pharmaceutical field, medical refrigerated vehicles will still maintain a rapid growth trend.

  1. Cold box

Cold box is an indispensable professional equipment for refrigerated pharmaceutical products in the medical industry. They are mainly used for the storage and transportation of drugs, reagents, vaccines, blood, etc. The demand for products is characterized by large quantities, diversity and continuity. As a device for transporting and storing special temperature biological products, the medical refrigerator has extremely high requirements on the temperature and humidity data in the box.

Cold box adopts the cooling method of ice row and ice box, and absorbs heat through the cold storage ice row or ice box in the box to resist the heat transmitted into the box from the outside, so that the temperature inside the box is kept constant within a range, such as freezing (- 18°C), refrigerated (2-8°C)), cool (0-20°C)), etc., in line with the legal provisions of the national medicine supervision.

Cold box is composed of a temperature system, an air circulation system and a sensor system. It is easy to carry and safe to transport, and is often used for pharmaceutical products transportation.

In the specific use process, there will be situations where multiple cold storage boxes are used to transport medicines. Multiple stacks can be stacked together, and the raised pedals at the bottom of the box can be buckled into the grooves on the box cover, which can save space and prevent sliding during transportation.

  1. Temperature and humidity recorder

In the process of cold chain logistics transportation, temperature and humidity have a great impact on pharmaceutical products. Higher or lower than the standard temperature and humidity of pharmaceutical products will affect their quality and safety. Among them, temperature-sensitive drugs are likely to cause drug denaturation and failure. . As the demand for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the cold chain transportation of medicines in my country is getting higher and higher, the temperature and humidity recorder also plays an irreplaceable role. During the transportation process, the temperature and humidity recorder can effectively prevent the risk of “broken chain” in cold chain transportation by automatically monitoring and recording the temperature and humidity in real time, so as to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products to the greatest extent and reduce loss.

The large-screen USB temperature and humidity recorder monitors the temperature and humidity throughout the transportation process, which can ensure that the goods are always kept at a certain temperature, and can provide complete data for proof.

In the process of cold chain transportation, the use of temperature and humidity recorders can monitor the temperature of the entire logistics process to ensure the temperature, and can also provide data recording, over-standard alarm and report services to ensure that the transported goods can be successfully accepted by customers, showing the logistics enterprise. The ability to control temperature and humidity can improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

In the future, driven by multiple factors such as the in-depth advancement and gradual implementation of the national medical reform policy, the intensification of population aging and the deepening of people’s emphasis on health concepts, the pharmaceutical industry market will continue to expand, and the demand for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics will continue to increase. The market for equipment such as refrigerated trucks, cold box, and temperature and humidity recorders is promising, and will develop in a more standardized, more standardized, and more intelligent direction.

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